Canada: Six weeks in Banff

I’ve been blown away by the town of Banff and Canada in general so far. It’s a photographer’s dream it has to be said. You can find a few pics from the town I took below:

The main ski area in Banff is called Sunshine Village. The vibe is totally different to European resorts. You get to the top of various peaks and have a mountainside to ski down, rather than the more strictly pisted runs in the Alps. I bought the most recent GoPro, the 6, ahead of the trip to create some ski edits while I’m out here, which I’ll be uploading on this site as soon as they’re completed.

I’ve been really impressed by how the Sony has dealt with the -25 temperatures. The GoPro, not so much. It’s been freezing up when it’s got particularly cold which has been infuriating, but the footage has been better than expected – it’s a trade off I suppose.

Sunshine Village has a great park area for jumps and tricks etc. It’s made for some fun shots and the scene of some painful falls. A few shots I took of some of the braver (and more talented) skiers and riders can be found below:

Below are some shots I got up the hill, shot on my Sony A7Sii and edited in Lightroom:

Callum Chaplin