Behind the scenes of the jump racing world

I recently started shooting for Cotswold Eye, a new online video platform for the Cotswolds. We’ve been filming at Cheltenham Racecourse and legendary jump racing trainer Jonjo O’Neill’s yard.

Filming up close and personal with the horses at Jonjo’s yard was certainly a learning experience. I quickly found out that shooting from low down is a no go. Apparently, horse’s view you as a predator ready to pounce when you get down on the ground – who knew?

We are still gathering footage from Jonjo’s before we put the first film out, however we have got some stunning shots so far. We arrived in the dark at 7am for our first morning shooting at the yard. As the sun came out we got out on the gallops and drove alongside a couple of the horses training.

Getting access to Cheltenham Racecourse, the home of jump racing, has also been fantastic. Apparently the course get hundreds of applications to film there every year, so we were lucky to get season long access.

Before the season started we interviewed some of the key people responsible for putting on the fantastic race events at Cheltenham. You can see the film below:

Callum Chaplin